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Soon after I was born the doctors  found I had a heart murmur, which soon led to my diagnosis of Shone’s Complex, a very rare congenital heart defect – consisting of multiple left heart obstructive defects. It is estimated that 1% of babies born in the US have congenital heart defect, and of that 1%, 0.6% of them have Shone’s Complex.

Within my 1st yr I had a heart  surgery, at one point I had stopped breathing and was not expected to survive. Obviously I did!

I spent my entire childhood visiting the doctor to be monitored, as I am one of the first generation babies to survive with Shone’s Complex. To this day, at almost age 30, I still see a pediatric doctor. 

Needless to say, I was always told I was fragile, combated with fatigue, depression, anxiety – which are some side effects. 

At age 12, as I was hitting puberty, the doctor looked at me and said “you can never get fat or you’ll die.”  Not very tactful if we’re being honest. 

I tried very hard during high school to “eat right”  which I managed my weight, but still I struggled with fatigue, depression and anxiety. 

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Speed forward I always had a passion for nutrition and helping others, as others had always taken care of me. I completed my masters of science in nutrition.

As I studied nutrition and all the research as a practitioner, that is when I found solid evidence of the effects of the low carb + high fat approach. I started eating this way, and within 1 month I had tripled my energy levels and within 2 months the anxiety and depression non-existent!

This is why I’m passionate about my approach. I still have the condition, as it will never go away, but my doctor says I’m doing good with no current complications. 

Food is medicine for the mind and soul! Let it be your fuel!

WTF Nutritionist's Approach

me About  I greatly believe that we have it all wrong with our existing high carb, low fat guidelines, and we need to resolve this moving forward. I am a “whole-food” advocate; believing that everyone can benefit from eating in such a way that is low(er) in carbs and higher in healthy fat.

The precise amount of carbs and fat that people need is on a wide spectrum, and I believe should be personalised to each and every individual.

This philosophy is ground in good science and logic, and in my professional opinion, needed to achieve optimal health and reverse the trend of elevating overweight / obesity and particularly, diabetes stats.

I work with individuals with a diverse set of goals, with my main specialty areas: weight and metabolic health management across the lifespan and bone mineral health.

And as you might have figured out by now, the “WTF” in my name stands for “What The Fat.