make keto fit your lifestyle to lose weight!

lifestyle Keto Program

Have you Tried everything to lose weight
and nothing is working?!

Program-1 Keto Program

Best Body + Best Mind

Is a keto weight loss & hormone balance program

where you learn strategies for the long-term,

receive weekly keto meal plans + grocery lists, and

get weekly accountability from ME! 

It is possible to make keto a lifestyle,

 and I equip you with all you need to be successful!


I help real women just like you lose 10, 20, 30 or more pounds 

by learning how to eat the right amount of

 carbs, fat and protein for their body, and finally stop following diets that don’t work!

keto-package Keto Program


client Keto Program


I’m exercising and eating healthy. Why am I not losing weight?!

I’m so tired and burnt out trying tons of restrictive diets that leave me drained and tired.

I want to have a plan that works for ME

I want to stop obsessing about everything I eat

I want to stop overindulging

I just want to know what nutrition information is correct, cause there is so much out there!

I’m tired of being exhausted and anxious and just want to have energy for what I love!

I want to feel and look confident


To be honest…there is an easier way!


I can’t wait to show you!

Let me share a bit about my story first

When-life-depends-on-food-for-fueling-heart-mind-Soul Keto Program

My passion is to help women live a sustainable keto lifestyle to lose weight.

My passion stems from my own health journey – from being diagnosed with a heart murmur at birth as well as Shone’s Complex, a very rare congenital heart defect – consisting of multiple left heart obstructive defects.

At age 12, I was told “you can never get fat or you’ll die” and so I focused very hard during high school to “eat right” to manage my weight, but struggled with fatigue, depression and anxiety, which eventually led to panic attacks.

After completing a masters of science in nutrition, I found solid evidence of the effects of the keto diet.

I started eating this way, and within 1 month had tripled my energy levels, lost 10 pounds, and within 2 months the anxiety and panic attacks were non-existent!

I’ve been able to easily maintain these results for years, and so can you!

I embrace food as medicine for the mind and soul!



Now take a moment and imagine…

Feeling amazeballs in your body

No more debilitating fatigue & anxiety

Increased energy to do what you love

Meal plans and grocery lists at your fingertips

Confidence in nutrition and know what foods fuel your body

Able to understand your body and read your cravings accurately

Confidently going out to social events and not “falling off the bandwagon”

Feeling full and satisfied

Learning skills to effortlessly create meal plans for the long-term 

Stop failing diets

Stop feeling guilty eating the foods you love, while not overeating

Staying motivated even when it’s hard

Wouldn’t that be freaken amazeballs?

What’s included

Program-1 Keto ProgramHow it works


keto-package Keto Program


vid Keto Program

1.  Bi-Weekly Video Chats


Discuss the science & research behind why we gain weight &

what exactly to do about it including:

review intake form filled out prior to call  

(medical history, food preferences, allergies, medications/vitamins, any recent lab draws, eating history, and goals).

Review Keto and making it a lifestyle

Make individualized goals based upon your lifestyle

Review basic keto nutrition 

Make possible vitamin recommendations


Learn how to detox your body of carbs


lose weight based on your own personal goals

There are 3 phases:

Phase 1: 

Keto Nutrition 1:1

Phase 2:

Getting Social: staying on target in social situations

Body Talk: listening to your body

Phase 3:

Create & Customize Your Own Meal Plans

Keto Weight Loss  for the Long-Term

meal-plans Keto Program


3.  Keto Meal Plans + Grocery Lists + Macro breakdown 

Weekly Keto Meal Plans that come out each week on Friday

You can further customize these meal plans based upon your food likes and dislikes

Accompanied with an automatically generated grocery lists and keto macro breakdown!

food-journal Keto Program


4. Food Journal

You will have a food journal via a secure app where you will upload photos of all your meals

You will be able to make comments to describe your meals under each photo

We will review your meals during our chats, making suggestions to further your progress

check-ins Keto Program


5.  Weekly Touch-Ins


We will have weekly check-ins to keep you accountable via the secure messaging app. 

Ask questions, concerns ect.

I will provide suggestions, any additional goal setting.



keto-list Keto Program

Included is an extensive 10 page keto list of foods to choose, limit and avoid.

Keep it on your phone or print it out and have it on hand when grocery shopping!

I can’t wait to start this journey with you!

keto-package Keto Program


Have additional questions about Low Carb + High Fat approach? Click HERE

Here's what previous clients had
to say
at our weekly check-ins


“Yeah, what’s funny to me is I wanted the food that I ate over the weekend before I had the meal, but then after the meal I felt pretty crummy because it wasn’t as good for me as I have been eating for the past couple of weeks. It’s crazy to me that just after two weeks my body really wants the healthier food I’ve been eating. That’s exciting to me!”

“Of course I have cravings for those sweets and things I used to eat frequently, but it is much easier to control those portions and amount I eat when I am enjoying this keto approach so much more.”

“I’m enjoying it in the process! I haven’t had that with any of my other diets/exercise routines I’ve tried before.”

“Yeah it’s great to see how much of an effect food has had on my anxiety levels. I have known food affects that for a while but it’s totally different to see the change happen personally.”

After the client lost 9 pound in 2 weeks

“Yeah it’s been really good to feel good all dayEven the days I’m super busy I don’t feel as tired as I used to!”

“I’ve already noticed it being less addicting (referring to sweets), like (my significant other) will eat something and I’m like “”mmmmmm that doesn’t even look that good to me”” or there was food in the break room this week and it was easy to pass up.”

This program is for:

  • Work well with accountability
  • Who are motivated by seeing results
  • Work well with a plan in place
  • Want to eat foods they love and not deprived

This program is not for:

  • High school students
  • Those wanting a quick fix and not a lifestyle change
  • Those who want to become underweight – seeking an unhealthy weight


Yes! A new customized meal plan + grocery list comes out each week on Fridays. If you have any food preferences, we discuss those during your initial video chat. You can easily swap out foods based on your specific likes and dislikes as well. There are many possible recipes, and I will teach you how to customize it effortlessly by month 3.

100%! Many of my most successful clients who are CEOs, executives, ect eat out for lunch. We simply use the meal plan as a guide and work together on foods to choose to still hit your goals for keto.

I ask for an initial 3 month commitment, and if we find you need continued accountability and customization, we can do another 3 months.

Video chat, messaging, e-books, PDF, ect. All electronic, for your own convenience! I utilize a secure HIPPA compliant video and chat system and all your documents are confidential.

No. I teach the hand method, which is very simple and it helps you estimate your portions, which is much more user-friendly. No weighing and measuring of food! In addition, the meal plans are calculated for you.

Optional. Month 1 I want you to focus on getting your body accustomed to eating keto for successful weight loss. Month 2 you are given the option to start low intensity exercise, which we will cover.

Generally no! I will cover basic meal prep, food storage to increase shelf life, and organic food is not required at all unless you prefer it. 

No. I am a fee for service practice and currently do not accept insurance of any kind. Payment is due at time of service. There is a payment plan option available.

No one can promise you weight loss. This program gives you my proven framework for keto weight loss, and you must apply the concepts with consistency and make adjustments to your eating. I do not promise or guarantee weight loss.

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